What It’s Like

domestic-lifeTogether we’ve agreed upon certain norms and expectations that keep us thriving, creative and productive together. These create a foundation for our lives, from which we are each able to participate in, and challenge, the larger world and systems of oppression.

These aren’t policies or rules, but they create a living space which empowers and enables us—and they change out over time and as members change.

What Does it Feel Like To Live Here?

People have told us that our house smells like metal and firewood—a smell both comforting and reflective of our activities here. We’re constantly building or making things, either out of necessity (insulating the attic), empowerment (building a bio-filter for all of our drinking water) or creativity (turning our wood ash into soap).

What types of norms and activities are involved in daily life?

  • Cooperative decision-making & consensus
  • Getting/consuming/cleaning/preparing reclaimed food
  • Participating in housework (which is great, because it counts toward your labor contribution!)
  • Hosting guests and events from out of town (usually smaller groups)
  • Minimizing resource consumption, always striving towards greater collective ecological solutions

Socially, members…

  • Are flexible and accommodating with public & private spaces
  • Demonstrate respect and accountability for personal and collective property
  • Participate in collective property sharing
  • Recognize the value of community, prioritize the needs of the house
  • Demonstrate commitment to economic and social justice
  • Practice mutual aid within the community
  • Maintain and improve the house and community
  • Be prepared to communicate openly and compassionately

Other House Agreements

  • Provide a day’s notice for overnight or short-term guests
  • No animals unless they have a job (bees make honey, chickens lay eggs, dog guards the house, etc).
  • Hosting events is great (often in conjunction with a potluck) if others agree.  No open parties!
  • We’re not socially and economically set up to welcome child Members at this time.

Egalitarian Labor Sharing

  • Participate in our comprehensive income and labor sharing system, which covers all basic economic needs including food, utilities, shelter, transportation, and wellness, and all basic labor needs including cooking, cleaning, maintenance, functional meetings, record keeping, etc.