The Future

We are beginning to create the type of world that we would like to live in—one that reflects the values we share.  We would like to see a world with equality, local democracy, meaningful work, dialogue, and supportive, diverse communities where humans live in harmony with the Earth.  We are committed to improving ourselves, our collective, and the community where we live in ways that are consistent with these goals.

Towards these ends, we want more public spaces and outlets for radical thought and experimentation.  Egalitarianism and mutual aid in our community, feminist and anti-authoritarian ethics are important cultural changes we would like to see.  We want to be independent of corporate America for our basic needs, and we strive for a sense of seamlessness amongst our shared land, labor, and income.

To bring this sort of world into being means, well—a lot of hard labor!  In the short term we’re focused on building our skills, expanding our collective, and proliferating alternative models of work and housing.  We’re experimenting with radical sustainability projects that will enhance this project’s long term viability.

We’re currently testing out our foundational agreements, including membership, legal incorporation, decision-making, labor sharing, and income sharing.  Slowly but surely, we’re pushing forward, and clearing the way for another future.

Transforming the world starts right here!