Subject: Spring Update – We Did It!

Date: Wed, Apr 20 2011

Hello you and hello springtime!  This is Mattie from Community Autonomy, bearing digital greetings and well wishes.  As you know, we are a group of people creating a life together around the principles of egalitarianism, sustainability, accountability, justice, and community in Columbus Ohio.

In this spring edition:
– We Did It!
– Ad Seg
– New Economics

We Did It!
Yes indeed. 3 years into this project, we bought a house together, did some initial rehab, and moved in. Our house is a 10 bed/4 bath centenarian on an 1/8 acre southeast of OSU. After helping the sewage actually make its way to the sewer, refinishing the floors (see attached!), replacing 115 slate roof tiles (okay we contracted that one out), and a bunch of smaller ongoing stuff, 3 of us moved in a month ago. We live in an area known as Weinland Park or The Short, a neighborhood undergoing rapid transformation. We’re variously and critically engaged to help this place remain culturally rich, socioeconomically diverse, and accessible to current residents, which is a complicated adventure!

We need: new members, help developing the awesome potential of this old house, conscious and critical community organization in this changing neighborhood, some good dirt, and probably other things we don’t even know about yet – please drop a line if you can help! Also, in case you’re wondering, the old house on King Ave is continuing as a housing cooperative, and they’re also looking for members.

Ad Seg
Continuing their work with Insurgent Theater, members Ben & Kate have got a new show. Ad Seg is a critical exploration of the US prison system. February/March was the southeast tour, and some more local shows are filling space until the west and east tours in August/September – you can bring them to your town!

New Economics
We take care of each other. Though it will take a few months to figure out the details, there is great comfort and strength in egalitarian community. Transportation? Health care? Unemployment? Food? Got you covered. Here’s an excerpt from our economics agreement to give you a flavor of what I’m talking about:

Accountability: To guide our economic decision and actions, we rely on an honor system, regular communication, clear understanding of what counts for Quota hours, and a shared convention in recording them. Generally, all work done to meet the Community’s needs counts for Quota. Acceptable work includes, but is not limited to: cleaning, cooking, shopping, yard work, renovation, Community meetings, record keeping, outreach, research, repairs, income-generating work, and limited sick time.

What a way to live!  And with my new job at the Greener Grocer, Ben becoming a substitute teacher, Kate maybe picking up some part-time vegan baking, and all the work to do on this house and in the neighborhood, there’s no shortage of stuff to do around here.

until next time,


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