Subject: Community Autonomy – Occasional Update, 12/09
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 12:22:51 -0500

Hey there, this is Mattie, Task Tracker and Accountant with the Community Autonomy project. As you know, we are a group of people creating a life together around the principles of egalitarianism, ecological responsibility, mutual respect & accountability, social justice, and cooperation & community living.

This is the first of hopefully many occasional updates we’ll be sending out.

In this edition:
– Status Update
– GeoQuiz/VA-NC Trip
– Next Steps

Status Update
We are settling in for the winter in various ways. One member is exploring possibilities and living their life in the desert southwest, one is at a Buddhist center in California, and of course a couple of us are holding it down here in Columbus. I myself have started doing non-profit door-to-door work 3 days a week which, I can assure you, is a true test of my ability to bear this cold climate!

All in all, there is less immediate cohesion in our group now than there has been in the past. The idea of egalitarian intentional community looms ahead, but lately we seem to be allowing it to come to us in time as much as we are actively seeking it.

GeoQuiz/VA-NC Trip
This spring we started a strategic location search dubbed the GeoQuiz (“An initial gauge of priorities and ideas in Collective geography”). After careful planning, surveys, and analysis, we found that affordable property, cottage industry opportunities, close proximity to cities, length of growing season, and minimizing fossil fuel heating are our top priorities, with several others close behind. If you’d like to know more about the GeoQuiz process and results, I’d be happy to talk more one-on-one.

Coming out of the GeoQuiz, members have visited Nashville, TN, central Arizona, Charlottesville VA, and Durham, NC (as well as Columbus OH by default) to explore the community potential in those places. This spring will likely bring deeper exploration of the most appealing places.

Next Steps
This winter is a time for geographic exploration, making money, reflection, and the completion of some founding documents. Our efforts have been guided by others in the community movement, particularly the book Creating a Life Together, and we are slowly working towards the creation of a real, supportive, and sustainable community.

until next time,

** If you’d rather not receive these occasional updates, please let me know! **

Matthew/Mattie Reitman


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