We have an idea in common.
It’s nothing new, but its ours.
It could be yours.
We want to live together.
Everyone doesn’t need their own lawnmower.
Maybe we don’t need one at all.
We want to be supported by people we love and trust.
We want to share meals together, made from food we grow.
Everything from the grocery tastes funny.
I need people around me who know why I struggle.
And with what.
We want loving friendships.
Back Massages.
Its so hard to be honest with yourself and your friends sometimes.
We want to be accountable to each other.
We want to be understood.
We want our work to be ours.
No Bosses.
I want to know my neighbors.
They are in the neighborhood council with us.
People need to feel safe.
Then creativity will prosper.
I need a place to come back to.
I want to fall asleep talking to my friends.
About what we’ll learn tomorrow.
We want cooperation, not competition.
We want to be nurtured.
We want dancing and music.
Turning jails to jungle-gyms.

Consider this site a growing portal of information. The other pages can tell you more about what we are and are not trying to make. As you read on, remember that this is a work in progress, and like everything it is susceptible, even encouraged to change. Keep also in mind that we are looking for people to do just that; change it, create it, bring new ideas, rehash old ones, and make it come alive. Start!