Occasional Update #6

September 20 2011

Hello Friends!

This summer, things have been really hopping at Community Autonomy! We’ve done a lot of growing as a house, a community and as people.

As a house!

We had a house work party and got a lot done in the yard. We’ve built up a bunch of garden beds to grow more foods for ourselves. We replaced the gutters off one side of the house to grow our water catchment abilities (and shrink the basement’s tendency to collect water). We’ve got so many more exciting plans to transform this space over the next year. We’ve also been calling the house “The Midden” with enough regularity that it just might stick. “Midden” is an archaeological term for a trash heap or rubbish pile. It’s a intriguing place where detritus is collected. In our case, that detritus is re-purposed and transformed into a home!

As a community!

We’re super excited to announce that we’re expanding our membership. Alex and Wes are now provisional members of Community Autonomy. Alex has been active in Columbus Housing Justice and other activist and documentary film projects for a long time. Wes lived with us at king house and has been very involved with RedBird Prison Abolition and Insurgent Theatre. We also hosted a really wonderful provisional member for a month this summer, but he’s instead settled at Acorn Community in VA.

As people!

We’ve been doing a lot of house maintenance work, student move-out scavenging, and had a fun day in a rolly coaster park. I’m not sure how effective being thrown around screaming by huge steel machines is for bringing a community together, but we all had fun. Mattie has been developing his facilitation work, which you can read about online here: mattiereitman.wordpress.com Ben, Kate and Weslie have been super busy and travelling all over with their play In the Belly and working to support Ohio prisoners through RedBird Prison Abolition.

On a somewhat melancholy note, we also helped everyone move out of our former home at 64 King and helped prepare it for sale. We’re so grateful to have met each other in that space, and are supportive of Amy doing what she needs to do to move forward and put the house behind her.

Until fall!


Picture: Kate, 3 stories up on a 32 foot ladder. (Don’t worry, she got more confident up there by the end of the job!).


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