Occasional Update #4

Fall Update – Community Autonomy – Bought a House!
Date: December 8, 2010

Hello and happy fall! We have exciting news about our community project here in Columbus.

In this issue:
-New House!
-64 King
-Member News

We bought a new house together on December 1st! It’s a nice duplex on Chittenden Ave with a big south facing backyard, two houses down from our friends. The tentative “land day” is March 1st, with many fix-er-up tasks between now and then. This means we’ll be naming the house (and probably the community project), begin our “egalitarian economics” income/labor share system, and developing a positive relationship with our new neighbors. The house is in an area “in transition”, right on the border between Campus and Weinland Park, which presents particular challenges and opportunities.

In the meantime, 64 King is continuing for the moment as a cooperative house during our transition to the new place. Recent new members have integrated nicely here, and more new folks are lining up to come aboard. Mattie is leading the charge to fix up both houses to get them, as he says, “100 percent!”.

In other member news, Amy is studying to retake the bar exam and continues steady employment, Kate and Ben are developing a new play with friends to take to Florida this winter, Mattie is planning to spend a couple weeks with the Beehive Collective in Maine next month, Micah has cut his hair short and continues to love pizza, and weekly ultimate frisbee may be giving way to spontaneous (indoor) dance parties and aerobics due to cold fingers and toes. We’re all very excited to keep busy and keep each other active and warm through the cold months.

Keep an eye out for our big housewarming party. In the meantime, we welcome any help (tools, labor, pizza…) to fix the place up, and we’ll have bedrooms to spare if you’re interested in joining us!

tea and blankets,


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