Occasional Update #2

Subject: Community Autonomy – Spring Update, 4/10
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010

Hey folks, this is Kate, a new member of the Community Autonomy project (and the 64 King housing co-op!). As you know, we are a group of people creating a life together around the principles of egalitarianism, ecological responsibility, mutual respect & accountability, social justice, and cooperation & community living, currently based in Columbus OH.

This is the blooming spring update on how we’re doing. Enjoy.

In this edition: – Status update – Geography Question – Next Steps

Status Update: Spring is keeping all of us moving – finding suitable employment, checking out possible locations for this community, fixing up our shared house at 64 King, while also pedi-cabbing around Columbus — we’re definitely workin’ it. Since the winter update, we have legally incorporated as Community Autonomy LLC, sent a representative to the bi-annual Federation of Egalitarian Communities assembly, begun an initial form of income sharing, and increased in size by two Provisional Members (I’m one of them!).

All in all there seem to be two sets of present needs and desires within everyone involved. One, to really comb through and examine some of the decisions we need to make, especially on the question of location; and two, to be active, to keep this project moving forward in a concrete way. The latter leading us to continue to check out different cities, develop our income sharing, and also meet and gather good examples of community from others.

Geography Question: Should we stay in Columbus or not? Deciding this important bit leaves us kind of hovering over Columbus with our eyes on other places. We continue to visit places, the most recent beingLouisville and Chattanooga, and we continue to narrow our possibilities. On the one hand, settling this key issue is overwhelming considering how many possible places there are and also that we can’t really know them well until living there. But on the other hand, it’s reassuring that we’re not looking for perfection and that we’re resourceful and flexible enough to make things fit us.

If you’d like to know more about where we’re considering going or have any suggestions, I’d be happy to talk with you, just give a holler.

Next Steps: This spring and summer are a time for finalizing documents, making money, working on improvements to our shared house, and coming to a decision on whether to stay in Columbus by September 15th (gotta love a good deadline!).

Hopefully some of the folks that have expressed interest in joining this project take the leap and dive into it with us! As for me, I look forward to the steady growth and creation of a real, supportive and sustainable community.

That’s all for now, -Kate


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